Fabric Processing

We also offer our customers third party fabric manufacturing, which is carried out at our factory using only certified products.

We can ennoble fabrics made of cotton, cotton blend, linen, linen blend, hemp, mixed fibre with a minimum width of 50cm up to a maximum of 200cm.

Our processing includes:

    • Preparation of raw fabrics on large rolls

    • Singeing (a process to remove loose fibres protruding on the surface of the fabric)

    • Enzymatic desizing (the classical desizing process of degrading starch size on cotton fabrics using enzymes)

    • Bleaching (to obtain optical white and various shades of natural white)

    • Pigment printing: we use pigment pastes (on continuous fabrics and satin edge fabrics.)

    • Finishing or dressing

    • Calendering

Fabric available by the piece, on pallets, on rolls or folded in half on pallets

We have over 20 years’  experience in ennobling jacquard fabrics, needlepoint canvases, satin edge fabrics for handkerchiefs and sun awnings.


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